Ginger & Lime (4%)


  • Australia Brewed locally in South Sydney, NSW
  • Australia Delivered fresh from the Brewery to your door
  • Australia Free East Coast Shipping over $100*
  • Australia Vegan & Gluten Free to be enjoyed anytime
  • Australia 4.0% ABV & Low Calories (94 Cal)

Alcoholic sparkling ginger seltzer with a dash of lime


We ship in 4 Packs and Cases. Delivered anywhere in Australia!

Nutritional Info


Is it Ginger Beer? You would love for it to be, or would you? Why if it can pack a punch at a fraction of the calories. This Ginger is immediately strong on the lips and even stronger the mouth, as the local limes from Ballarat come straight through and hit you for a beautiful aftertaste. You will feel the ginger for some time, until your next one. Enjoy anywhere, usually after 3pm for this one. Enjoy after a ride, surf, board or ball.


Local Ginger - 70%
Local Lime - 30%
All Natural Brew - 100%


A beautiful hit of Ginger upfront, and you'll be pleased with an ongoing hint of lime coming through as you enjoy.