Gravity Ambassadors

Harry Bink


There are few people who can represent Gravity Seltzer better than Harry Bink – nicknamed “the Wizard”, this freestyle motocross guru and skydiver definitely has a good taste for adventures and an unquenchable thirst for feeling weightless.

This 27-year-old gold coast resident has been casting a spell over fans with this stunt magic that, it’s safe to say, defies gravity. Bink’s daredevil tendencies and high-adrenaline stunts have become a cornerstone for the values that go inside each and every Gravity Seltzer drink.

Harley Clifford


As a Gravity Seltzer owner, athlete, and brand ambassador, Harley Clifford is no stranger to having a thirst for the outdoors and a desire to feel weightless

It’s exactly those things that brought Harley to start his journey as a wakeboarder. And today, with 8 world championships, countless pro competitions, and multiple awards behind his back, it’s safe to say we’re looking at one of the best to ever touch a wakeboard. 

Matt Poole


There aren’t many guys out there who can rock the surf as well as they can rock the Ironman championship. But if there’s one person who has already proven he can, it’s Ironman Matt Poole.

When asked about his definition of success, Matt said that his idea of success was the accomplishment of personal goals and achievements. Not based on a number or a position in a race, but as continuous improvement in any form: physical, mental, at work, and in life. 

It’s this thirst for improvement, for success, and for adventure, that makes Matt such a powerful member of the Gravity Seltzer team, with his drive, motivation, and love for the outdoors helping Gravity Seltzer shape a better, healthier future for its consumers.

Jenna Louise


Athlete. Fitness Expert. Nutrition Coach. Master Trainer. Business Owner. These are only a few of the words to describe Jenna Louise, a Gravity Seltzer Ambassador whose mission is to help people improve.

By helping people discover new ways to challenge themselves daily, boost their physical & mental health, improve their confidence and self-worth, and much, much more, Jenna Louise is here to show exactly what Gravity Seltzer is all about – finding the perfect balance between activity, improvement, and well-being.

Cooper Chapman


Founder of The Good Human Factory, and professional surfer for more than 10 years, Cooper grew up in Narrabeen in New South Wales, Australia. Cooper’s interest in mental health was prompted by his father’s bout with depression and the suicide of two family friends. Meditating on a regular basis and practicing mindfulness helps Cooper manage his anxiety and perform at a high level, whether he’s competing in a contest or giving a speech.

With a low-key, caring manner that connects with all audiences, Cooper Chapman has trained thousands of Australian students, teachers, atheletes, and corporates to increase their mental strength and resilience.