Our Flavours

Balanced, Citrus Refreshment

Blood Orange & Passionfruit

This is our citrus superstar. The bold and zesty blood orange is perfectly complemented by the tropical sweetness of passionfruit, creating a perfectly balanced and tantalising flavour.

Vibrant. Light & Fruity

Watermelon & Salty Lemon “Melon”

This is our fruity and refreshing delight. The juicy sweetness of watermelon is perfectly balanced with a subtle salty lemon aftertaste, creating a unique and satisfying flavour experience.

Tropical, Fresh & Exotic

Kiwi & Guava

Our tropical rarity. The only Kiwi Guava Seltzer worldwide. This unique blend offers a rare combination of two delicious fruits that will transport your taste buds to a lush island getaway.

Gentle Ginger Beer

Ginger & Lime

This is our light ginger beer. The perfect balance of tangy lime and spicy ginger will awaken your senses, while the crisp carbonation adds a satisfying zing to every sip.