How It All Began

Gravity Seltzer is what happens when a team of adventurous, nature-loving mates come together with a grand idea and a lofty objective.

To create a drink for the people who love the outdoors and enjoy the 6 a.m. starts, but also love to have fun, relax, and kick back with an alcoholic bevvy once in a while... because why not?

A drink that’s all about you – your health, your lifestyle, and the memories you create.

about our beverages.

Brewed seltzers with bounce. Not mixed.

We brew our seltzers like a craft beer, using the industry’s leading formulations and processes, as well as natural ingredients sourced from local producers in Australia. 

Imagine a beverage that’s brewed like a beer but was lighter, bouncier, much more refreshing, and had none of its downsides. That’s Gravity Seltzer.

All organic, high in enjoyment, low in calories, and naturally Australian, Gravity is here to become Australia’s newest leading beverage company.

To do this, we’ve teamed up with athletes and sports personalities, artists and designers, marketing gurus and experts.

They joined us on our journey to sharing Gravity’s message and putting the word out – that there’s finally a light, tasty, alcoholic bevvy that the early-risers and lovers of the outdoors can enjoy.


Gravity Seltzer Co. is here to help you rehydrate, refresh, reset.

A drink that’s all about you – your health, your lifestyle, and the memories you create.

Gravity was created out of a thirst for healthy, tasty, refreshing beverages that you can bring with you regardless of whether you’re on a hike or a family gathering. 

A drink that can energize you while you’re active during the day… and help you kick back and party after a long day. A drink you can enjoy anywhere, any time of day.

Gravity is that drink you can pop open any time of the day to get that gravy, tasty, yet refreshing feeling of an alcoholic bevvy that will still have you waking up early and feeling ready to go. 

Gravity is the drink that will energise you on your hikes, rides, and adventures, but will also help you relax when it’s time to wind down, relax, and have fun with your friends and family.

A beverage you can enjoy while you’re feeling the lift, the wind, the sun, all the things you enjoy about the outdoors.

Gravity Seltzer is not about us. It’s about you!

The outdoors enthusiast who loves the early morning starts but also loves to party, relax, and have fun with friends and family.

The biker, hiker, surfer or adventurer, who wants a light, bouncy drink that will keep them fresh and energized on their journey.

The athlete looking for that exhilarating, tasty alcoholic bevvy that doesn’t hit hard on their daily calorie intake.

We created Gravity Seltzer so you know there’s a drink out there you can enjoy any time of day – a healthy, refreshing, delicious, bouncy light seltzer that mixes satisfying sweetness with a gravy feel of alcoholic bevvy. 

Guaranteed to keep you reaching for more.

We’d love to hear from you.

Have a question or suggestion? Want to share your story? Join us on our journey toward creating fresh, bouncy, healthy beverages for people around the world to enjoy. We are inspired by those around us, and we surround ourselves with like-minded people, aiming to lift each other up.