Who we are

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Founded in December 2021, Gravity Seltzer is an Australian-founded and athlete-owned company that is passionate about natural refreshment, sustainability, and encouraging consumers to explore more.

With a commitment to excellence, Gravity Seltzer offers a range of exceptional beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic brewed seltzer products in unique fruit flavours. As an independent brand, Gravity Seltzer has set its sights on becoming the largest seltzer brand in Australia. Embracing a philosophy of natural goodness and adventure, Gravity Seltzer invites you to indulge in their all-natural, refreshing seltzers and join them on a journey of exploration and taste.

Founding Story

In the midst of a pandemic, mates Mick Spencer and Liam Battye sought to explore more. Fuelled by their love for the outdoors and dissatisfaction with average seltzer flavours, they created Gravity Seltzer® in December 2021. This beverage encourages exploration while making a difference by planting trees in NSW with every sip, combating deforestation.

Mick, an entrepreneurial brand builder, and Liam, who chose a different path from traditional education, joined forces to disrupt the industry with a refreshing and lighter alternative: seltzer. Their passion for the outdoors drove them forward.

With a team of exceptional individuals, including professional athletes like Matt Poole, Cooper Chapman, Harley Clifford, and Jenna Louise, united by a shared vision and love for the outdoors, Gravity Seltzer quickly became more than just a beverage.

In just 18 months, Gravity Seltzer has transformed into a movement, inspiring people to explore more and become environmental stewards. With a strong management team and the goal of becoming Australia's largest independent seltzer brand, Gravity Seltzer captivates consumers with its irresistible flavours and dedication to nurturing the environment.

Join us on this exploratory journey. Raise a can of Gravity Seltzer, experience liberation, and together, let's embrace a lighter, adventurous lifestyle while planting the seeds of a greener future.

“We wanted to produce a seltzer for that occasion when you jump out of the surf or finish a ride and are seeking something refreshing to celebrate those moments - when we caught this we knew we were on”