Meet The Surf Ironman

Introducing Matt Poole, Gravity Seltzer Owner & Athlete

There aren’t many guys out there who can rock the surf as well as they can rock the Ironman championship. But if there’s one person who has already proven he can, it’s Ironman Matt Poole.

Known for his accomplishments in both Australian water sports as well as global Ironman competitions, Matt Poole is a prime example of the spirit and drive that Gravity Seltzer strives so hard to represent.


Having grown up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and born under the family name of Poole, this ironman athlete was born to be outdoors, and more specifically, in the water. He started surfing at the young age of 5 years old at the legendary Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club, driven by his love for the outdoors and adventure, and more specifically, the ocean.

Before his claim to glory, he effortlessly progressed through the junior ranks of Australian water sports when he was just a teenager.

A well-renowned and accomplished Australian water sports athlete and member of the Red Bull surfing team, Matt Poole has been seen in the Iron Man series of events throughout the entire world.

At the age of 32, Matt Poole took it upon himself to take to the surf in the 2020/2021 Nutri-Grain series. But as a seasoned IronMan veteran, he showed younger competitors that they still have a lot to learn. Having won the Australian U-17 Iron Man Title, it’s this title that served as the beginning of his professional career. And in 2012, he won 1 gold medal and 3 bronze medals at the World Surf Life Saving Competition.

Having taken a big risk that paid off (moving from Sydney to Queensland at the age of eighteen to become a professional Ironman), he’s now entering his 15th year as a professional IronMan competitor. And he’s still finishing on top, having taken out the second place in Round 6 of the 2020/2021 Nutri-Grain series. In addition to being the 2016/2017 IronMan Champion, Poole has seven convincing race wins next to his name.


Going by the nickname of “the surf lifesaving rock star,” Matt Poole has confessed that he loves to aid his scrutinous training regime by using and enjoying the help of Gravity Seltzer.

When asked about his definition of success, Matt said that his idea of success was the accomplishment of personal goals and achievements. Not based on a number or a position in a race, but as continuous improvement in any form: physical, mental, at work, and in life. 

It’s this thirst for improvement, for success, and for adventure, that makes Matt such a powerful member of the Gravity Seltzer team, with his drive, motivation, and love for the outdoors helping Gravity Seltzer shape a better, healthier future for its consumers.

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