Meet The Wizard

Introducing Harry Bink, Gravity Seltzer Owner & Athlete

Born on 7th March in Canberra, Harry moved to Gold Coast and stepped into the world of motocross at the age of 19. Fueled by adrenaline rush, he started off his career with Hollywood stunt show at Movie World. He joined Nitro Circus full-time at 21 years old and has been touring the world since earning himself recognitions with his extreme stunts. Just this past year 2021, Harry ventured into skydiving all while perfecting his skills and bringing home a 'C' license. Definitely a go big or go home guy!

There are few people who can represent Gravity Seltzer better than Harry Bink – nicknamed “the Wizard”, this freestyle motocross guru and skydiver definitely has a good taste for adventures and an unquenchable thirst for feeling weightless.

This 27-year-old gold coast resident has been casting a spell over fans with this stunt magic that, it’s safe to say, defies gravity. Bink’s daredevil tendencies and high-adrenaline stunts have become a cornerstone for the values that go inside each and every Gravity Seltzer drink.


Harry Bink’s healthy obsession with adrenaline and weightlessness began when he was just four years old. After attending his first FMX show, he was instantly hooked, and as a young rebel, he went against the advice most teachers and adults in his life gave him… and by becoming one of freestyle riding’s brightest stars, we can all agree that risk paid off.

After countless hours of practice on the ramp in his loyal scrapyard, you can only imagine the feeling he got the moment he landed his first-ever backflip – it’s that feeling we’ve tried to encapsulate inside Gravity Seltzer, and it’s to Harry Bink’s merit that we’ve made that possible.

From there, it was all up and forward. He went on to compete in the Royal Canberra Show when he was just 18, stealing the show and the hearts of the audience with this whirlwind of epic performances across Australia. After breaking on the international competition scene and making headlines around the world, he made history in 2017 when he achieved the first-ever rock-solid landing from a front flip.

This achievement changed the freestyle riding space forever, earning him first-place honours in the FMX Best Trick category.


For more than 10 years, Harry Bink has been fighting for the number 1 spot he so well deserves. He wears the scars of battling for that top spot, with numerous broken bones teaching him the lessons he had to learn to earn it. 

But with a down to earth approach to life and an amazing sense of humour, he continues to amaze audiences worldwide. This, and his unflinching love for sports, adventures, and the outdoors, Harry Bink has championed an attitude of always coming out on top of challenges. 

And it’s exactly this attitude that makes him such an important part of the Gravity Seltzer brand, image, and voice. This thirst for always rising above challenges and having an unshakable love for staying active and always moving forward; this is what Harry Bink - and the Gravity Seltzer brand - are all about.

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