Welcome to the crew. We're pumped to have you! Let's get started.

Selling Gravity Seltzer Co. The Grav Way!

Welcome to Gravity. We’re pumped to have you on our side! 

We are a new breed of digital driven, customer service focused and product lovers with a mission to make Gravity Seltzer Co. in the top 5 seltzers in Australia in the next 12-18 Months. 

Before you start with us, we ask you to read the following docs! 

About Gravity PDF

Retailer 1 Page Mailer

Price List / Margin list

Also, to scan through our website, to get a good feel for who we are / what we do / why we’re different and why places should care.

What we need from you, is to hit the pavement, and promote the brand, to get the first phase of the sale done - The lead generation phase. 

What this is, is essentially securing the details of the store ordering contact, anything unique about the store, who is who, and hopefully the first order. Then the support team can take it on from there!

Bottle Shops, and Bars/Clubs are super busy.. They won’t be as passionate about Grav as we are, so it’s important to make it worth their while, and get to the point. 

How we present Gravity in the first 2 minutes:

We are a locally owned independent brewed Seltzer Company (Play on local) 

We are focused on the niche of the more outdoor / action sports loving / healthy lifestyle customer, particularly masculine but a strong sense of both men & women 

Incredibly tasting compared to the rest, vegan and gluten free and low calories to be an all day + night drink!

We are owned by large athletes and influencers, industry guns, and all owners come from big digital marketing backgrounds, so you can count that we will promote the heck out of your store! 

We will be reaching tens of thousands of 18-35 year olds in this area, and the first stores that onboard will be getting special attention on our socials and website 

We have hand chosen the stores we want to be in, and you are one.

We are brewed (like a beer) and not mixed like the vodka/gin ones.. The benefit of that is the flavours are a lot more “full bodied” 

We are a young company so you can say that we will give your store complete service, including point of sale, and regularly connect with the managers.

You will make good margin on this product as well!

We have launch offers at the moment we’d love to run through including 5 Cases get 1 free, and free shipping with 10 cases ordered.

Various topics

Questions Shops & Bars will ask!

What is the brewing process like? How is it done?

Gravity Seltzers are brewed like a beer not mixed with spirits. Our head brewer starts by mashing our gluten free rice base with water and boiling. Once it’s been boiled and cooled we add yeast and leave it to ferment for 3 weeks.

3 weeks later we have our brewed alcohol. We then run it through a series of carbon filters to remove any colour or taste. We add our specially formulated natural flavors and let it mix overnight.

The next day we carbonate the tank and get it canned !

What margins can we make?

With our suggested retail price we expect you to make 20% margins on cases. 30% margins on 4 packs.

How do we order?

You can order directly from us by simply emailing and with network of distribution get it to you within the next couple of days. You can also order through:

Liquid Specialty Beverages (LSB) (for QLD)

Paramount Liquor (for NSW, VIC, SA)

Capital liquor and Bev (CLB)(ACT)

Independent liquor retailers (ILR)(Local liquor stores)

Will you be in the big stores?

At some point in the future but for now we want to start in independents and smaller stores and drive our customer base to you.

We love our customers and everyone who shares our passion for gravity. We are big on making sure we look after all our stores who come on board with us.

Any promotions for launch?

We have a 5+1 buy 5 get 1 free case deal.

Who are the athletes/influencers?

We have an unreal list of athletes/influencers & music stars onboard with Gravity with our main big ones being:

Harry Bink - Pro FMX Moto Rider

Harley Clifford - 8 x World Champion Pro Wakeboarder

Matt Poole - Beach Ironman

Jenna Louise - TV Star Fitness Freak and Crossfit champion

Courtney Hancock - Beach Ironwomen

Peking Duk - Music Stars

Bliss n Eso - Music Stars

Where is it made?

Our seltzers are brewed naturally in Sydney, Australia with local ingredients.

Are you on ALM / Liquid Specialty Beverages (LSB) / Paramount / Or direct?

We won’t be on ALM till early next year but we are partnered with LSB, Paramount, CLB, ILR and you can order us directly.

We have a really easy system for you to order direct and get freight partnerships to ensure you get our products within the next couple of days.