Meet The Wonder Woman

Introducing Courtney Hancock, Gravity Seltzer Owner & Athlete

Gravity Seltzer is proud to be the drink of choice for Courtney Hancock, who has shown us (and her fans around the world) that there’s little she hasn’t achieved in her 15 years as a professional Ironwoman.

She’s a Champion Ironwoman, three-time Coolangatta Gold winner, and the first person in Australian Surf Sports history to achieve the triple crown of elite events… all in the same year. 

But there’s more to Courtney than her outstanding achievements, her unbreakable spirit, and her thirst for glory. She’s a mentor and coach with a passion for sharing her knowledge and experience so she can help others reach their potential, as well.

And during all her hard work and achievements in the future, Gravity Seltzer will be right by her side, helping her quench that thirst for weightlessness and taste that flavour for freedom and adventure.


Born in the town of Perth in Western Australia, this current Gold Coast resident grew up alongside her three sisters, one of which is Bonnie Hancock, another champion in the Ironwoman series. 

Courtney started surfing at the age of 5, and after years of hard work and dedication, she moved to the Gold Coast after her graduation to pursue her dream to become an Ironwoman.

And in the last 15 years, her Ironwoman record has been second-to-none. Her accolades include more than 20 individual events at the Australian Championships, multiple titles at the Nutri-Grain Professional Ironwoman Series, and the Coolangatta Gold. She’s not only an accomplished Ironwoman champion but also a hearty and spirited mentor and coach, using her years of training and knowledge to help other people improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


When asked about the heights and lows of her Ironwoman career, Courtney said:

I am lucky that I haven’t had too many lows, I have broken my foot twice on my ski, and the recovery from this took its time. The highs I have been so lucky to have had so many. The friends I have made, the opportunities I have been given, being a Nutri-Grain IronWoman has given me such a beautiful life, and I am forever grateful.”

Today, countless of her students have joined her inside her new program, where she uses her first-hand experience to help them get across the finish line in the 2021 Coolangatta Gold or achieve their own personal health and fitness goals.

Follow Courtney’s Gravity Seltzer journey at and join tens of thousands of her students on social media, where she shares more about her lifestyle empowered by her thirst for continuous improvement.

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