WORLDS FIRST! Kiwi & Guava (4%)


  • Australia Brewed locally in South Sydney, NSW
  • Australia Delivered fresh from the Brewery to your door
  • Australia Free East Coast Shipping over $100*
  • Australia Vegan & Gluten Free to be enjoyed anytime
  • Australia 4.0% ABV & Low Calories ( Cal)

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We back ourselves that much, that if you receive the product, and hate it - We'll give you a refund. Give the drinks to a mate!

Nutritional Info


When you’re after a unique fruity seltzer combination that gets you going and leaves a lasting impression... This naturally powerful duo packs an exotic tropical punch.


50% Kiwi.

50% Guava.

100% Natural Brew.


Citrusy kiwi smoothly blended with sweet tropical guava for a hit thats both refreshing and invigorating.